Covid F.A.Q’s

Q: Is Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre open?
A: YES! Only for pre-bookable sessions which can be found on our website.

Q: Which activities are available?
A: Open Water Swimming, Own Craft Launch and Casual Hire of Stand-Up Paddleboards and Single Sit on Top Kayaks.

Q: Why are there only 20 spaces available per session?
A: To help maintain social distancing measures.

Q: Why do I have to arrive within a specific time?
A: Our car park will only be opened for customers who have booked onto the next session to help alleviate the numbers in our small car park.

Q: Why can’t I launch my own kit at any time?
A: Own Craft Launch is only offered at certain times to control the numbers of people at the centre and on the lake.

Q: Why do I have to book online?
A: Bookings must be made online to control numbers of people at the centre and on the lake.

Q: What if I am late for my session?
A: You will be allowed on the water for the remainder of your session.

Q: Can I change my booking on arrival?
A: No changes will be allowed to be made on the day of the booked session.

Q: Do I need to fill in a registration form for open water swimming 
A: No, all of the required information is filled in whilst booking, agreeing to the Ts & Cs includes the waiver details.

Q: Can I book multiple people to use the same piece of equipment?
A: Yes. However all bookings are per person so each person must book and pay even if you intend to share the same piece of equipment.

Q: Can I book my children onto a session.
A: Yes for children over 8 years of age but they must be accompanied by an adult over 18 on the water and booked on as an extra person on your order.  Children under 8 are Free but must go on the same piece of equipment as an adult over 18.

Q: Can I transfer my booking to another person?
A: No, All bookings made through the website are person specific.

Q: Can I cancel my booking?
A: Yes, a booking may be cancelled at any time however bookings cancelled within 2 days prior of the activity start date will not be eligible for a refund.

Q: Can I alter the date of my booking?
A: Yes, providing the requested date is available. Bookings changed within 7 days of the original start date will incur a £5 admin fee.

Q: Can I bring my inflatable kayak
A: No, inflatable kayak's are not allowed for insurance reasons, the only inflatables allowed are stand up paddle boards.

Q: Will the session still go ahead if it's raining 
A: Yes, all sessions will go ahead in most weather conditions, except for Thunder and Lightning and also gale force winds.  If Horseshoe Lake make the decision to cancel your activity will be re scheduled.