H20/Kids Club

H2O Club

H20 Club is run on a Sunday Morning 10.30 – 12.30. The first session is on Sunday 7th May 2017.

Our H2O Club is a 2 hour session for kids to come along and take a sailing boat, kayak or paddleboard out to improve their skills. There is an instructor on the water for the whole 2 hours to give the kids the best hints and tips they can to ensure they improve their boating skills week by week. The sessions can be used as a “dust of the cobwebs” type session or it can be used to refine a skill that they have learnt on their training courses, or even a session to get that one final thing signed off in their logbook to achieve their next skill level.

Whatever they feel they need to do, we will try our best to help.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Sailing: RYA Stage 2 (or stage 1 with Horseshoe lake staff recommendation)
  • Closed Cockpit Kayak: BCU 1* or BCU Paddlepower Passport (or with Horseshoe lake staff recommendation)
  • Paddleboard and Sit on top kayak: No Qualifications

The cost is £10 a session per person

Places cannot be booked in advance for these sessions. Booking will open at 10:15 on Sunday Mornings.


Kids Club

Unfortunately we have taken the decision not to run the Friday evening kids club as we are unable to staff the evenings to a safe level. 

We will look to start this up again next year.
We apologise for any disappointment this may bring to everyone!
We hope you all enjoy the summer holidays!

Kids Club is run on a Friday evening from 17.30 – 19.30. Dates coming soon.

Our Kids Club is a 2 hour session of fun! You can come down and take out a sit on top kayak or a stand-up paddle board for the session. The sessions are designed just for a fun play around session for children. It is run alongside our open water swimming sessions so if you fancy going swimming but you have the kids then this is the perfect session. There is a member of staff on the water throughout the session ensuring everyone is safe and happy.

The session will be run in what we call our lagoon, this is a smaller body of water to the left hand side of our lake. Because of this there is a limit of the number of children we can take on the water at one time, so please be aware that we may not always be able to accommodate you for these sessions if you turn up later in the session.

Places cannot be booked in advance for these sessions. Booking will open at 17:15 on Friday Evenings.

The Cost is £5 a session per person



Our H20 Club is for ages 8 – 16 years old.

Our Kids club is for ages 8 – 14 years old.

Rules for the sessions

  • Everyone must be booked in for the session by heading into our main building and speaking to one of our members of staff where a form will be filled in and payment taken
  • Footwear MUST be worn at all times
  • If a Horseshoe lake member of staff has asked you to do something then please do it, do not just run away
  • No one is to enter the water until instructed to by a Horseshoe lake member of staff.
  • Horseshoe lake kit can be borrowed but must be treated correctly and any damages will be charged to the legal guardian of the child
  • Any kit that is borrowed, IE Boats, must be put away in the correct place when you have finished the session, Unless instructed by a member of staff
  • Wetsuits must be brought out of the changing rooms, turned the right way round and hung up on the rail outside the building
  • Any children on site either before or after the sessions MUST be supervised by their legal guardians

Horseshoe lake staff may ask you to leave the session early if the correct behaviour is not shown.

We are always here to help so if you are unsure of anything please do not hesitate to ask.