Important Notice 09/10/2020

Important Notice

Important notice.

As you know your safety is our number one priority here at Horseshoe. We are serious about our safety and test our water every few weeks. Due to extreme weather conditions and heavy rain fall we have diligently monitored our water quality especially due to the recent flooding that occurred last week.

We are sorry to have to announce we will not be opening this week.

This is to ensure out lake water has time to settle and normalise after our recent weather challenges. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but stand by our belief that any risk no matter how small should be taken seriously. Everyone who has booked on this weekend will be contacted directly to re-arrange. We will, as always continue to monitor the situation and re-test over the next week.

An update will follow in due course. Once again we thank you for your support and understanding. Working in the outdoors will always come with it’s challenges but we love and value the environment we work within and respect that sometimes Mother Nature will throw her curve balls!

We have been so lucky to have consistent and excellent water quality results all season so in order to support that going forward we must let nature re-calibrate and get the lake back to where it was.

Thank you from everyone at Horseshoe

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