Lake OPEN DAY – A Great Success

Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre Open Day 2019

A HUGE, MASSIVE, HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU to everyone that joined us for our first ever Open Day. We couldn’t have predicted just how exceptionally lucky we would be to see so many of you.

We thank you so much for your support, your patience and your absolute and unwavering understanding even after the never ending queue and busyness we experienced today! We hope you enjoyed the day with your families, it was so fantastic to meet so many of you and see you all having fun on the water.

Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre really is an amazing venue which we feel so blessed to be part of. The beating heart of it really is the people. We are a bigger family this year (some not featured in this picture) and none of this would be possible without their hard work, passion, enthusiasm and unshakable spirit.
All photography and drone work by Magpie Drone Services

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