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Kindness of the staff at Horseshoe Lake.

'Ever since I began sailing I knew that I would love it and even when I first got out on the Topaz with the person I was sailing with (Artur) and we capsized instantly Loz helped us back up and in the end we had a very good time because of the kindness of the staff at Horseshoe Lake.'

Horseshoe Lake Activity CentreHayden

Thanks to my extremely helpful instructors

'When I first started sailing, at stage 1, I struggled to get to grips with sailing but one year in I am going for my stage 3. Thanks to my extremely helpful instructors who have guided my through the stages. I had no idea of what to expect when I came to sailing for the first time but now i feel like i have found a new hobby'

Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre Open Day 2019Inigo

I have enjoyed my time sailing from stage 0 to reach stage 3

'I have enjoyed my time sailing from stage 0 to reach stage 3. When I first started, I only had a little bit of experience sailing catamarans on a French bay. When I first started, I wasn't very confident on the water and kept capsizing but when i reached stage 1, I had learnt sail settings and tacking. By stage 2 I had improved on those skills and now on stage 3 I have learnt how to gybe 'properly' and how to use a gybe, and how to hove to (stop) and pick up a mooring. I thank Loz and Aidan for the patience when i was misbehaving and not trying my hardest.'
Horseshoe Lake Activity LakeAlgernon 

Sailing this year was fun

'Sailing this year was fun, I am only a stage 1 but its been pretty easy and i just started.  I am quite confused in theory sometimes but when we get into it I understand but i'll defiantly do it again'
Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre Open Day 2019Aidan

This is a very big thank you for today’s swimathon.

To all involved in Sunday’s Swimathon …

This is a very big thank you for today’s swimathon.   Your journey in reaching what was involved in organising today may at times have been frustrating and challenging but from my point of view in taking part, it was:

- Very well organised, running smoothly and on time

- Despite nerves felt by quite a few, exceptionally relaxed and friendly with many people sparking up conversation and generally feeling (genuinely) welcome by both staff and people taking part

- The briefing, warm up and acclimatising to the water was perfect.   I even thought at the time, “I expect this will bring some of these people back to the lake again”

- The safety crew were faultless (in my opinion) and a special thank you to Hannah’s daughter.   I wasn’t okay shortly after starting and while she may say she ‘did nothing”, never has a 16 year so strongly and forcefully told me what to do.    Her firm calm instruction turned my swim from adamant  “I can’t and don't want to ***** do this”, to “I’ll give this another go”.   Challenging to find the right words but I literally was wanting to just get out and her handling of my freakout turned that around.   While the minutes clinging to her kayak meant loosing my goal time, the remainder of the swim got better and better.

I’m surprised more regular Horseshoe Lake swimmers didn’t take part.   Their loss.   Many people said how they too enjoyed that it was a small friendly crowd taking part.    We were happy with the start number 🙂

I truly hope you do this again in 2019 and am very much up for helping with admin or anything if helpful.

A poorly written email but prefer writing off the cuff than thinking about a well worded message and never actually sending it.

In short.  Thank you.  Perfect event.  Unable to make suggestions on how it could have been improved.  (Ended up) loving it.

Heather x

open water swimmingThis is a very big thank you for today’s swimathon.

Thank you so much

Hi Hannah & team

Thank you so much for this morning. Lyn & I really enjoyed ourselves & massively benefitted from the experience! You made it so much easier than my previous open water swim by explaining how to enter the water and, of course, giving us lots of encouragement!

Here is the early morning pic ......

Best wishes


Open Water swimmingThank you so much

Fantastic venue, activities, instructors the whole day!

Hi Horseshoe Lake

Just wanted to drop you a quick note – as frantically busy (as usual) but did not want to let this go by without acknowledgement. Sophie well not just Sophie all of her friends and family had a wonderful time on Sunday – probably the best party event we have organised – Believe me I have booked many from Laser quest, bowling, trampoline parties, you name it we have tried it!

Fantastic venue, activities, instructors the whole day!

Thank you!

We will be booking again – kids talked me into booking a Summer party so as soon as I have a date free I will be in touch!

Job well done folks which seems in this day and age is a very rare thing to say! Thanks again.

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesFantastic venue, activities, instructors the whole day!

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to Pete and the team on Saturday for a great raft challenge. Everyone had a brilliant time and said it was the best company do yet!

Thank you to you and Carl for helping us with the booking.

Best Regards


Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesA Big Thank You

Thanks again Dan and Ben

Thanks again Dan and Ben for a great couple of days canoeing and kayaking. We learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the cold, ice and biting wind!

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesThanks again Dan and Ben

A Massive Thank you

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a fantastic party you put on for my daughter yesterday.

All the children had a fantastic time, and the instructor was brilliant with all the children. He really went above and beyond to make sure they were all happy, and that my daughter still had a great time despite being on supposed "complete rest" after damaging her knee this week (it's not his fault she still just wanted to get involved and do pretty much everything!!!)

A brilliant party, excellent venue - so relaxed and enjoyable.

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesA Massive Thank you

Such a lovely peaceful place – perfect for a party!

My son had his party here. It was an excellent day, the boys had so much fun raft building, paddle boarding and we finished with a BBQ over looking the lake; lots of very smiley faces. We had exclusive use of the facilities including the marquee which came in handy! Such a lovely peaceful place - perfect for a party! Many thanks to Ian, Alex and Charlie who made my sons party very special.

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesSuch a lovely peaceful place – perfect for a party!

Great birthday party

Great birthday party for my daughter this morning, thanks to Alex and the rest of the team, my daughter and her friends will be back for the holiday activities

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesGreat birthday party

A really big thanks

A really big thanks to Ian and the staff for making my sons kayaking party a great success. The children had a brilliant time, raft building and playing in the lake too. The bar-b-q was a big hit as well. I would definitely recommend Horseshoe Lake for a children's party.

Thanks again Caroline.

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesA really big thanks

So glad we booked it

We had my son's 10th birthday celebration here - a raft building and kayaking party. The kids all had such good fun and the staff were all very friendly and helpful. So glad we booked it

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesSo glad we booked it

Birthday at Horseshoe

Yesterday we had my son Benjamin’s birthday party at Horseshoe Lake, and i just wanted to write so say a huge thank you for a brilliant party. I didn’t catch the name of the man who was organising it, but he was so good with the children and really made it fun for them. All of the children have been raving about what an excellent time they had and have expressed an interest in having their own parties there. So thank you all once again.
Kind regards,
Megan Dugmore.

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesBirthday at Horseshoe

SUPYoga with Stephanie

'What an amazing way to start the morning, Stephanie is a calm and thorough paddle board and yoga instructor, slowly and patiently taking us through a series of yoga poses. Learning to find our balance on the boards was a test of our balance and core strength. thanks Gracefulbowyoga we loved it'.

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesSUPYoga with Stephanie

SUPYoga with Stephanie

'Thank you so much for a lovely session bringing serenity amongst such a blue sky and beautiful surroundings...And the bonus of saying hello to a duck or 12'

Horseshoe Lake Water Sport ActivitiesSUPYoga with Stephanie