Open Water Swimming Availability this week

Horseshoe Lake

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sunshine. Here is this coming weeks availability.

14th July 2020: 21 spaces
15th July 2020: 5 spaces
16th July 2020: 25 spaces
17th July 2020: 12 spaces
18th July 2020: 19 spaces

19th July 2020: 23 spaces

We have released more slots as lockdown has eased and are looking forward to further improvements into August. These include:
*Longer swim sessions
*Bigger group sizes
*Courses and coaching to resume

*Level Water- Lakes (swim your swim and raise money for this amazing charity)

We thank you as always for your support and co-operation. From the beginning of opening we have tried to facilitate a safe and controlled environment for everyone. Supporting not only the well, but the vulnerable and those with vulnerable family members at home. We’ve had technical glitches and adjustments and have tried as best we can to adapt and continue to run with the incredible staff we have, some who have been volunteering their time to make sure we can open. So from all of us….THANK YOU

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