Loop size will be adjusted according to the water temperature and weather conditions. We want to keep you safe and close to the beach. You will always be under the watchful eye of our fully qualified and professional safety team both on the land and on the water.

What to wear for your swim - Winter Swimming Kit

  • Wetsuit (optional but advised)
  • Bright coloured swimming hat
  • Swim Float (optional and available to borrow from reception)
  • Ear plugs (can protect the inner ear canal)
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Neoprene hat/boots/gloves/neoprene vest worn under wetsuit
What to bring in your kit bag -  Before and after care
  • Lots of layers
  • Wooly hat
  • Socks
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Dryrobe or warm coat
  • Good footwear for before and after your swim (warm boots)
  • Sugary snacks and sugary drink (Lakeview Cafe on site)
  • Warm (not hot) water bottles for your kit bag
Key Beginner Advice
  • If you are new to open water swimming please ask for support and guidance if you need it. We are here to support you.
  • Take your time to prepare for before and after your swim. A prepared swimmer is a happy swimmer!
  • Wrap your kit in some warm (not hot) water bottles. This means your kit will be nice and toasty for when you get out.
  • Swim with a wetsuit or without. You are still an amazing outdoor swimmer.
  • Prepare your breathing and focus on slowing your out breath
  • Enter the water at a steady pace and don't rush
  • Splash the neck, face and wrists with water
  • You do not need to put your head under the water if you are not comfortable
  • Take a "Dips not distance" approach
  • Listen to your body and swim your own swim
  • Get out of the water knowing you could have done more
  • How you feel will depend on many variables (stress levels, sleep, alcohol consumption, hydration and nutrition, hormone levels, illness or injury) So be kind to yourself
  • Avoid hot showers/bath/car heaters after your swim. Your body needs to warm gradually from the inside out.
Remember after your swim:
  • Layer up after your swim as soon as possible
  • It's okay to shiver, this is your bodies way of naturally warming you up
  • Consume some calories in the form of sugary snacks and drinks immediately after can help the warming process
  • (Lakeview Cafe on site)
  • Move around
  • DO NOT DRIVE or ride a bike if you aren't warmed up. Ensure you are fully recovered.
If you have any questions to do with any aspect of open water/winter swimming advice/kit or coaching please get in touch with us at