Aeroball Birthday Party (6+)


Our Action-Packed Aeroball birthday parties are a great alternative to our water-based activities.
Lead by an energetic instructor to keep the children happy and excited even when they are not on the trampolines!

Up to 12 participants for 1 hour


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Aeroball is a game which combines the skills needed in trampolining, basketball and volleyball.
The game offers the benefits of rebounding (jumping) while removing the risks of overcrowded trampolines, falling off, and falling onto the springs.

Double check your booking:

  • Only adults over 18 may make a booking.
  • After purchase please call the lake on 01252 871808 to arrange your date.
  • No cancellations/refunds will be processed by the centre within 24 hours of the session start time.


  • If you are late for your session you will be allowed on site, but you will only be on the activity for the remainder of your booked time slot, you will not receive a refund.
  • No spectators allowed surrounding Aeroball enclosure.
  • Equipment will be supplied which are cleaned in between use.

On Site:

  • Please park responsibly.
  • Children must be supervised by parents/guardians at all times prior to being signed in.
  • A member of staff will meet you outside and sign you in.
  • Do not enter the water until you are instructed to do so by a member staff.
  • Once on site, please be respectful of others.
  • You will have to leave the site straight after your session has finished to allow the next group to arrive.


  • All equipment is cleaned in between use.
  • Please do not stand near equipment being cleaned to prevent cleaning fluid getting onto your personal belongings.
  • Use provided hand sanitizer, and wear a mask where possible.
  • It is your responsibility to social distance between other customers and staff.
  • Please do not attend if you or anyone in your household are showing any symptoms of Covid-19.

All normal lake rules apply on top of everything stated above if you need reminding of them follow this link 

All of these procedures will be under constant review and we reserve the right to alter them at any time.