SUP Yoga at Horseshoe Lake

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Taking Yoga to water.  If you love the ocean & the swimming pool you will fall in love with SUPyoga.

Stand UP Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga is a great new way to work out in the outdoors.  SUPyoga is a mix of Yoga postures with stand up paddle boarding. The board is used as alternative Yoga mat, the intensity of each pose is increased with balance becoming a greater challenge and creating added benefits for body and mind.  Your balance will improve as will your Yoga performance. SUPyoga strengthens the core, improves your balance, tones muscles, reduces stress, will lead to improved proprioception and increases body awareness. What’s more it is lots of fun! Lying on the board at the end of practice and just floating and breathing in the fresh air is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate. 

When making a booking please note that spaces do fill up quickly so plaese book in plently of time.  You must be able to swim 50 metres and pull yourself back on the board if you fall in. If you would like to book a private group or private session then please do let us know and we can find an alternative time that suits.

Wear layered gym wear, bring a spare change of gym wear and a wet suit if you have one.  If you would like to rent a wet suit you can. For your first class please arrive at least 15mins before your class time to fill out a PARQ form.

We look forward to seeing you on the SUPboard.

Stephanie teaches Yoga and SUPYoga in various locations, Gyms, Spas & Yoga studios in Surrey, Berkshire and London. Her SUPYoga classes were taught at the popular Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire on their beautiful emerald lake, for Lululemon Guildford at a special event in Surrey and as a Perfect Moment Sports Ambassador in London Paddington Basin.

Stephanie’s passion is to inspire and encourage her students to grow in strength within their own Yoga practice and find that inner confidence to just be. At the foundation of Stephanie’s class, is her knowlege in anatomy and physiology and the unique health benefits of yoga. She combines uplifting sequencing for body and mind balance with her relaxing and encouraging voice you leave with a sense of feeling restored and rejuvenated.   The journey is ever evolving and Stephanie believes it is with every new breath that we learn, we grow and we heal.

You can find out more about Stephanie, her Yoga & SUPYoga via her website and via social media @gracefulbowyoga. Here is to a new season, a new beginning and time to be free with the elements in this beautiful location #seeyouonthesupboard #horseshoelakesupyoga

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