SUP Yoga


SUP Yoga has now finished for the 2018 Season and has been a great success, we would like thank everyone that took part.

We look forward to seeing you again in Spring 2019

Taking Yoga to water. If you love the open water you will fall in love with SUP yoga.

Stand UP Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga is a great new way to work out in the outdoors. SUP yoga is a mix of Yoga postures with stand up paddle boarding. The board is used as alternative Yoga mat, the intensity of each pose is increased with balance becoming a greater challenge and creating added benefits for body and mind. Your balance will improve as will your Yoga performance. SUP yoga strengthens the core, improves your balance, tones muscles, reduces stress, will lead to improved proprioception and increases body awareness. What’s more it is lots of fun! Lying on the board at the end of practice and just floating and breathing in the fresh air is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate.

About Stephanie

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Stephanie teaches Yoga in various locations, Gyms, Spas & Yoga studios in Surrey, Berkshire and London and is an experienced SUPYoga teacher. Her SUPYoga classes were taught at the popular Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire on their beautiful emerald lake, for Lululemon Guildford at a special event in Surrey, at the launch of the new Lovefit Festival in Kent, and as a Perfect Moment Sports Ambassador in London Paddington Basin.
Stephanie’s passion is to inspire and encourage her students to grow in strength within their own Yoga practice and find that inner confidence to just be. At the foundation of Stephanie’s class, is her knowlege in anatomy and physiology and the unique health benefits of yoga. She combines uplifting sequencing for body and mind balance with her relaxing and encouraging voice you leave with a sense of feeling restored and rejuvenated.   The journey is ever evolving and Stephanie believes it is with every new breath that we learn, we grow and we heal.

You can find out more about Stephanie, her Yoga & SUPYoga via her website and via social media @gracefulbowyoga. Here is to a new season, a time to be free with the elements in this beautiful location #seeyouonthesupboard #horseshoelakesupyoga

What do I need to wear?

Wear layered gym wear, bring a spare change of gym wear and a wet suit if you have one. Best to always check the weather forecast as being the UK it does change from day to day even in the summer. You have the option to borrow a wetsuit as part of your class booking just make sure you arrive early to make time to change. After class there are also some hot showers so you can use them to get ready for the rest of your day.

Can I bring my own board?
We have plenty of boards but you are welcome to bring your own. The price will be the same for the SUPYoga class, however if you would like to stay out on the lake after the session you can with no extra charge just make sure you let us know on the day.

What if I fall in, will I fall in?
It depends, how long is a piece of string. We do our best to keep you on the board, it is a possibility with taking part in any water sport you might just fall in. You can just paddle back to dry land and get changed or if the weather is sunny you will dry off in no time. Always the option to use the hot showers after class.

Do I need to have practiced Yoga before?
Not at all, if you have practiced yoga before or currently take part in a watersport that is a bonus. But we have had also complete beginners take to SUPYoga and absolutely love it and not even fall in during their first class.

What happens if I would like to book for a class on the day?
We advise you to book 48hrs in advance of your class. We know we have a lot of regulars who like to be spontaneous on the day but we cannot guarantee that there will be space so we would rather you not be disappointed and book in advance.

What happens if it rains and other weather conditions?
If the weather is not suitable for the activity we will cancel the class by calling you and you can have an option of a full refund or rebook for another time. We want you to enjoy the session and be safe out on the water.

I currently have an injury but take part in other fitness activities and yoga can I still join?
It is advised that you get your doctors permission as every injury is different and the activity requires a different level of range of movement and especially SUPyoga (as a watersport) it is more physically demanding if you are recovering from an injury. You will need to be able to pull yourself back out of the water onto the board, be able to at least kneel while paddling out, load your board into the water, safely exit and enter the water with your board and paddle during the activity. A PARQ form will be filled in by yourself before your first class with us. We want you to enjoy the session fully and be safe out on the water.

There is not a session time that I can attend, can I book a private session or make a group booking?

Yes you can just give us a call at Horseshoelake office and we can see if we can arrange a time that suits.