Swimmers in the Spotlight

In this Swimmers in the Spotlight we proudly introduce to you the amazing Finn and his incredible mermaid Mum Annabel. Finn is only 8 years old and has taken to the open water like a superstar!! Here’s a little of his story……


Hello I’m Finn and I’m 8 years old. I’ve just started open water swimming and love going to Horseshoe Lake. It is my favourite out of all the other places I’ve been too; there aren’t too many people which makes me feel safe and everyone is always really nice to me. I’ve been asking my mummy for years to swim with her and now I’m 8 I’m allowed to. The first time I swam open water I felt really cold when I got in but now I’ve got used to it. It was a bit scary the first time as I could not see the bottom like you can in a pool but now it doesn’t worry me. When I first started I swam doggy-paddle on my tow-float but now I’m more confident and swim breaststroke without the tow float and sometimes I try to swim a bit of front crawl too. So far I’ve managed to swim 400m and I’m trying to swim further each time. I hope to see you at the lake sometime soon!

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