The year to date and looking into the future – Carl Slater, Managing Director

Carl Slater - Managing Director

The Covid pandemic has created lots of challenges for all of us this year. I am so grateful to the incredible team that works with me at the lake and the support of so many of our friends and customers. Because of their hard work and dedication we have managed to operate a Covid secure environment in which we were able to safely and efficiently run a programme packed full of all our normal fun and educational activities. This has supported us through an incredibly tough time and has enabled us to stay operational throughout. I cannot express how grateful I am to all those involved in organising, managing and participating in our activities through these difficult times. We will survive thanks to our staff team and our incredibly supportive customer base. We never take either for granted and welcome your continued feedback and suggestions.

As we look to the future we continue in our desire to introduce new facilities and programs to support the feedback we receive from our valued customers and visitors. We have upgraded our booking system to enable the flexibility that has been requested, whilst ensuring we manage access to the facilities under Covid conditions.

Our extremely popular SUP Yoga sessions are just one of the first of an innovative range of new activities we will be providing. In the coming months we plan to introduce yoga, HIIT and Pilates courses on land in a purpose built outdoor sheltered platform. This platform will be built with our natural environment and wildlife in mind, giving you an even better closer to nature experience as you exercise and enjoy your chosen activity. This will be followed by our Astro-Durance bungee fitness classes which will be a first in the Bracknell area. (Astro-Durance bungee training allows participants to work out without undue pressure placed upon their joints and muscles, likened to training in water. A wide range of exercise and classes are available from high intensity aerobic workouts, through to specific muscle group targeted workouts.)

Over the next months we are also looking forward to introducing our NEW online fitness programs (EasyActive8) that link with activities happening at the lake with standalone or follow-up sessions from the comfort of your own home.

We are blessed and grateful to have the beautiful venue that is Horseshoe Lake and YOU as our customers.

Our dream is to continue to deliver the best all year round activities whilst supporting and enjoying our natural environment in/on the water and land, in the air and online.

A heartfelt thank you from me and from all my team.

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