This is the amazing Rosie

Horseshoe Lake

This is the amazing Rosie and she is our wonderful Swimmer in the spotlight this week. Currently this amazing lady is swimming the English Channel alongside her relay team. Go Rosie!! We are so proud of you. Swim strong!!

Hello! I’m Rosie and in less than 3 weeks I’m swimming the English Channel in a relay (21 miles Dover -> France). I’ve always enjoyed swimming but I only discovered open water swimming last summer and fell in love with it – now I swim outdoors 4-5x a week and have lots of competitions and challenges lined up for the next couple of years. If anyone is even half tempted I can’t recommend it enough – everyone at HSL is so welcoming and they’ll do everything they can to put any nerves at rest. I’m so grateful to HSL for helping me discover the joy of swimming outdoors (and making my dream of swimming the English Channel solo ever more possible). Also, it’s lovely and warm(ish) in there now, so no better time to give it a go!

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