You may have noticed that our venue has been very busy in the last few weeks.

horseshoe lake

You may have noticed that our venue has been very busy in the last few weeks. Thank you for all your enquiries, we thought we would pass on the update the council have kindly provided to explain a little of what’s been happening.

“As part of the ongoing Site of Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) improvements at Horseshoe Lake, alongside various footpath and other access enhancements we are looking to increase the biological value of the site. Our current project involves promoting the island as a suitable refuge and breeding resource for bird life. Using heavy plant (excavators) we will reduce the steep sides of the island using the spoil to fill a section of the lagoon area on the eastern side. The ground level of the lagoon will be raised to sit just above the high water mark and lightly surfaced with loose stone, a retention screen will be placed under the water level reducing excessive erosion. Any vegetation will be kept as bare as possible providing the favourable nesting conditions for various bird species including native Water Fowl, passage Waders, Gulls and migratory Terns. A small gap will be provided at the base of the fence to allow smaller birds and chicks to wander freely on and off the island. Although it may take sometime for any nesting birds to take up the new feature it is hoped through continuing annual management (outside of breeding season) this improved resource will allow for less disturbance and increased breeding for the site’s valuable wildlife. This project is due for completion during Spring 2021”

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